Save Danes Moss… for its own sake

There is a deeper reason to stop the destruction of Danes Moss. 
It is not because peat can help to protect us from the devastation of climate change – although it can.
 It is not because we love the wildlife that lives here – although we do. 
It is not because we will all directly benefit from the cleaner air, stronger mental health, the peace and joy we get from walking on the Moss – although we all will.
It is because Danes Moss has its own value that is beyond measure and beyond words.


However clever and important we think we are, we are only a very young species – if the 4.5 billion year existence of our planet was condensed into 24 hours, humans would have been around for less than a minute and a half.
Humans did not create this planet. And we do not own this planet. If ownership really exists then the planet owns us. The same is true of Danes Moss. This place is an incredibly complex, delicate creation – something irreplaceable that we do not even fully understand. Ultimately, it is not a ‘resource’ or even ‘green infrastructure’ for us to do what we want with. By existing, Danes Moss does benefit us. But that is not the reason that it exists. Danes Moss has its own sacred value. We should treat it like the precious gift it is. 
Some other cultures are not so embarrassed about the word ‘sacred’ and view land and places as worthy of absolute protection from destruction without compromise. We believe that the same truth applies to Danes Moss. This place must be protected from harm. Not just for our sake – but for its own.