The Future Vision for Danes Moss

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Save Danes Moss in collaboration with Cheshire Wildlife Trust have created a future vision of Danes Moss as a nature recovery zone, (courtesy of Diana Moss, Save Danes Moss Community Group), and launched a public consultation to further shape this vision.

Local residents and anyone with an interest in Danes Moss are invited to take part in this consultation which is still open for responses and can be accessed here at the Danes Moss Community Consultation page (

This inspirational vision imagines Danes Moss being preserved and enhanced to protect the rich biodiversity that thrives there now and for the site to be rewetted, and restored to an active peatbog, capable of storing and sequestering carbon for years to come to help in the fight against climate change. It would be a protected greenspace available for future generations of Macclesfield residents and visitors to enjoy for the future. Develovopment would risk over 220,000 tons of CO2 being released and destroy nearly all of the wildlife including over 60 protected species and put the adjacent SSSI at risk. The peat has taken over 6,000 years to form and so is an irreplaceable habitat.

The vision and survey can also be seen at Scoop and Scales, Park Tavern and Prestbury Garden Centre.

Wet Woodland Footpath
The woodland footpath in the centre of the proposed development area, development would destroy all of this
Cheshire East Council and Developer Proposal for Danes Moss

To provide some more context of what this development would mean if it went ahead these pictures give a visual representation with annotation using aerial views. It clearly shows how much environmental destruction would happen.

Aerial view of Danes Moss looking west towards Congleton Road
A view looking west towards Congleton Road
Aerial view of the Moss Rooms from the south
A view looking north over the moss rooms
Aerial view of the proposed development area from the north
A view looking south