Save Danes Moss

Local Residents show of support with dozens of road signs
Pennington lane Save Danes Moss Sign

Since the original Save Danes Moss sign was removed by Cheshire East Council on January 17th local residents in Macclesfield have been putting up their own signs.

Local Residents Save Danes Moss Signs

Where there was just the original single sign there are now dozens on the roads alongside the boundary of the proposed development area.

Local Residents Dragonfly Save Danes Moss Sign

It is amazing to see the support for the campaign still growing and how much everyone wants to get involved and show how important Danes Moss is to them. 

Pennington lane Save Danes Moss Sign

The amenity value of such an amazing green space on the doorstep of Macclesfield is valued by so many. If development went ahead there is also the double whammy of releasing 220,000+ tonnes of CO2 that is stored in the peat underground and the impact on the over 100 protected species that live across the whole moss.

Original Save Danes Moss road signs
The original signs R.I.P. your legacy has spawned many more!


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