Save Danes Moss

Peatland destruction sanctioned by Cheshire East Council continues at pace at Henbury and Lindow Moss
Aerial view of peatland destruction at Henbury

Danes Moss is not the only area of peatland in Cheshire East experiencing destruction at the hands of Cheshire East Council’s planning department. It is as if climate change is not happening for them, not only is it heart-breaking to see the ecological devastation but also the unquantified amount of CO2 being released by these unnecessary developments.

At the Henbury site in 2013 tree planting was organised for Henbury Parish Council and was part of the TCV Big Tree Plant, local families including primary school children joined in. There were about 50 volunteers planting and expecting to watch the trees capturing carbon as they grew. The children didn’t imagine they would have been destroyed barely by the time they left school themselves.

Henbury peatland before destruction
Henbury peatland before destruction
Trees planted for the future, now destroyed
Trees planted for the future, now destroyed
Tree planting at Henbury in 2013
Tree planting 2013, all removed by 2022
Bumble bee at Henbury
Biodiversity now lost

The site is now devastated and as can be seen, large amounts of peat have been removed – in fact over 24,000 cubic metres. This will release an unquantified amount of CO2 which will not have been included within Cheshire East Councils disingenuous carbon neutral plans, the same as the Danes Moss CO2 release which has also not been included. Greenwashing at the expense of the planet which we all know is reaching a critical point for climate change.

Peatland destruction in action at Henbury, we can't let this happen on a much larger scale at Danes Moss

Lindow Moss at Wilmslow is also experiencing a massive loss of peat currently where 20,000 cubic metres has been excavated to build just 14 houses. Is it really that exciting that it is yet another greenbelt development with another unquantified amount of CO2 release from peat removal? how much longer can this assault on our natural heritage go on? The tweet can be accessed here

Peat removal at Lindow Moss in Wilmslow

We are now fundraising for legal costs to help stop the planned destruction at Danes Moss, click here to open the GoFundMe page in a new tab


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